Vampire of the Daughters of Cacophony Clan


She was born to an upper class family, the year was 1963, and her home was in an elite London suburb. She was given everything she could need, even a Nanny to watch over only her. She was schooled in etiquette, the fine arts and even Latin, as soon as she could talk. But from her first music class, she loved to sing. It was her very first passion, and everyone who heard the little 5 year old sing knew she was destined for greatness.

The girl was taught voice and piano almost religiously, and by the age of 8 was quite a master. She could sing like an angel and play Mozart or Beethoven on the piano like a pro. She began to give concerts at her parents dinner parties, and in just a couple of years became quite well known among London's upper crust. Her musical skills exceeded all of her tutors, and as soon as it was known that the girl was ready for a new tutor, her parents were approached by a strange yet beautiful woman.

Even when she only spoke, the Teachers voice was cultured and had a singsong lilt. You could tell she was the most wondrous of singers. The Teachers ways were eccentric but after just one late night meeting with the parents, the Teacher was given leave to do as she pleased. Her requirements of the girl were strict and she stressed that greatness could only come by great sacrifice, so the 10 year old girl had to get up at 2:30 in the morning to take lessons from the Teacher, and after The Teacher left, the girl had to spend long hours practicing with the Teachers assistant.

The girl was put on the concert circuit, and paraded about as a child wonder. She was amazingly popular, and it seemed as if she were at the peak of Stardom. It was then that the Teacher began to worry, and talked more of sacrifice. The Teacher worried that if the girl became a woman, her voice would fade. So the young girl was asked if she would sacrifice everything for her passsion, for her music, for greatness. The Teacher told her that she must give up her famlily and her life as she knew it, but in return the girl would learn to sing better than she ever dreamed was possible, that the girl's voice would never fade, and that the girl would be young and talented forever. The girls only request was that her beloved Nanny always be at her side, and the Teacher easily granted her wish.

The girl eagerly gave in, not realizing exactly what she was getting herself into. And so, at the tender age of 12, the girl perished, and Koren, Daughter of Cacophony, rose from her death, never to play in the sunlight again.

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