Mage of the Dreamspeaker Tradition

She is currently a So'cha (Disciple) in the spheres of:

She is a Nahimana (Master) in the sphere of Spirit.


Victoria Connor was born on January 1st, 1973.She was the middle child, with an older brother and a younger sister. Her family lived in a small town on the east coast, where both of her parents had grown up. Her childhood was mostly happy and uneventful, except for the occasional strange dream or occurrance, like the bird who often sat on her window sill. She was adored by her father, but she often felt ignored by her mother, who was busy with the baby of the family. As a teenager she rarely dated and had few close friends, because she often felt out of place with her peers. She spent alot of time alone with her artwork, which often drew upon images from her dreams. Deep down, she just did not feel like she belonged anywhere.

Then, when she was 17, her father died, leaving her distraught. She did not get along with her mother at all, and she no longer liked being at home. She stayed away more often, and took trips to the woods to hike and be alone. Even more disturbing to her, the bird began to follow her, and she was beginning to think it was trying to talk to her. It was then, just after her father died, that she met the man who was to become her mentor. He was a mystic, a shaman type, who studied the native peoples of all the different lands. He reminded her of her father, and she spent much time with him. He befriended her and made her his kaimi (apprentice), showing her the things she would need to know in order to begin on Tisa (The path to Ascension). She moved out and began to travel with her teacher, learning about the Native Americans they visited, and sharing in their customs and ancient beliefs.

It was among these people that she recognized the call of her howahkan (Avatar), and experienced her full awakening, which had begun when her father died. Terra was born. After the initiation her mentor left, setting her free to follow her own spirit path. Terra lived with nature, and stayed with the tribes who had accepted her. She continued to learn from them and her spirit guides for a while. She also kept in touch with her mentor and other Dreamspeakers in the dreamtime. She lost touch with her mentor and eventually decided to settle down in California, where there was a node that her mentor had discovered and left to her.

Magical Style

Terra's style is very spiritual, based on combined Native American beliefs. She believes that every object has a spirit that dwells within it, and that every force is controlled by spirits. She believes her magic works by calling on these entities. Her faith in these beliefs came from the time she spent with the Native Americans, because it was with them that she first felt like she belonged. Her beliefs gave her a sense of well-being, as did her knowledge of spirit medicine. Among the Society of Dreams she knew she truly belonged. The greatest flaw in her style is her aversion to technology. In the technologically advanced '90's her practices can sometimes seem out of place. She simply fails to see the use of some things, and can be limited somewhat more than her technocrat friends.

Current Events

In the past year Terra became involved with Alec, a Werewolf of the Children of Gaia Tribe. They were brought together by Alec's memories of Terra in a past life. As soon as Terra realized how Alec felt about her they became close. In the following months their relationship became serious and they soon moved in together. However most recently they have been separated, as Alec needed to Help his fellow Werewolves on a mission to Africa, and Terra left the relative security of Earth to explore "outer space" or the Deep Umbra as Terra thinks of it.

Lost in Space

On a previous adventure Terra and the cabal she belongs to (Greystone Cabal), fought an Oracle who controlled a very powerful talisman, a crystal skull, which had many Mage's Avatars connected to it. In the course of the battle the skull was shattered into an unknown number of pieces. The pieces scattered, some slipped through the umbra and some went into the far parts of the Deep Umbra. When some of the skull fragments began falling into the wrong hands, mainly the Marauders and the Technocracy, it became apparent that something must be done. So the Greystone Cabal set out in an Etherjammer, a "spacecraft" made by the Sons of Ether, to recover as many of the skull fragments as they could. Terra and her friends are still on this mission. They all hope to return to Earth succesfully, in one piece, and Terra hopes to be reunited with Alec.

After many adventures and successfully collecting many Skull Fragments, The Etherjammer encountered a Correspondence anomaly in which Terra was lost. She drifted within the entity unconcious for an unknown amount of time, and was dropped off on a small rock in the Deep Umbra. After waking she was unable to determine her location and did not yet have the ability to travel in the Deep Umbra. Facing the possibility of dematerializing into an Umbral entity, her only hope was to return to the Correspondence entity and hope to be dropped off at a better location. After traveling in the Entity aware of her surroundings, she lost track of all time and space. Eventually entering a hospitable realm, but not before she suffered damage to her Correspondence Magic. She found food and rested, until she had an epiphany, suddenly realizing she had Mastered Spirit, and could now travel in the Deep Umbra. She then located a powerful and benevolent Umbrood Entity, a small fragment of some grand entity, and bartered with it for a way home. In exchange for the entitys help Terra entered a rival realm and procured some Quintessence. After being told of a malevolent entity that was traveling to Gaia realm (Earth), the Entity of Light carried her part of the long journey, traveling vast and unthinkable distances in but a short time. Terra met up with the dark entity and bargained knowledge for a ride. Once at Gaias horizon the Dark entity revealed its true reason for being there, but at least Terra was home...

More to come...

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