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This is a collection of poetry that I have saved over the years. I have written poetry for as long as I can remember. As a matter of fact, the first poem I "wrote" was actually dictated to my Grandmother, as I had not learned how to write yet!

My Poems

Ode to Love
Our Generation
Gaia's Embrace
Weeping Willow
The Wind
My Time
Wish for the Moon
My Friend
Animal Attraction
You Complete Me
To My Muse

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I'll come to thee in cat time.
I'll come to make thee mine.
But 'tis only time that will tell,
If thou art truly under my spell.

To My Poems


when you think about love
do you think about me?
do you think of how great my love would be?
is it me you're dreaming of?
I want to be your only love
tell me, is there another?
I'm not your sister or your mother
so please don't treat me that way
if you dont love me I'll be okay
(yeah, right)
it's you I dream of everynight
twilight, the velvet blue
I look in the sky and think of you
day's end, the gloaming hour
I look in your eyes and feel the power
of love, so divine
please tell me that you'll be mine

To My Poems


This poem is dedicated to my mother, an incest survivor.

I sing a song of tolling bells,
of children crying in their private hells.
How can such vile crimes be committed by the ones we should love?
Like tar poured on a pure white dove,
it is much too obvious to ignore,
yet people keep on shutting the door.
Believe me, it will not go away,
it will just come back to haunt you another day.

To My Poems


You thought you were right,
I knew you were wrong,
but, really, does it matter?

I felt heat of your breath,
the softness of your caress,
and, oh, how I loved you!

But you weren't right, and it was wrong,
all through the night, dusk to dawn,
but, really, does it matter?

I felt the weight of our child,
the ache of my poor back,
and, oh, how I hated you!

Now she is here,
and you are gone,
but, really, does it matter?

To My Poems


I am living in a world
I didn't create.
I was born here, and now
I must live with my fate.

My future was decided by the choices you made.
My future was once bright, but now it has begun to fade.

You are living in a world
You didn't create
You were born here, and now
You must live with your fate.

Your future was decided by society's deed.
Now you are left with a world that is in need.

We are living in a world
We didn't create
We were born here, and now
We must live with our fate.

Our generation, its future unknown.
We must strive to make the world our own.

To My Poems


Gather yourself
beside the still waters.
Listen and remember
all that you hear.
Here are the answers
that you seek.
Your past, present, and future
are spread out before you.
Gaze into your destiny
and gaze into yourself.

To My Poems


The wind blows
it calls my name.
The trees rustle
glad I came.

Silently I walk
into Gaia's embrace.
My heart guides me
to a special place.

Blue and green
brown and gold.
All around me
the colors unfold.

Here it is peaceful
deep within Gaia's embrace.
All the creatures here
reflect her loving grace.

The wind crys
and the trees weep.
The ground offers
a place to sleep.

Never again will
I be the same.
Now that Gaia
whispers my name.

To My Poems


Two hearts beating together
intertwining into one.
Two souls yearning to be free
aching for the bonds of love.
Two minds alike in thought
dreaming of each other.
Two faces smiling in the dark
glowing with light.
Two bodies alone
hungering to be touched,
needing to be joined.
Hearts melt as one
moving in unison.
Souls bond together
freed from all confines.
Minds lost in thought
coursing with pleasure.
Faces hot and flushed
breathing hard and fast.
Bodies slicked with sweat
searching for release,
intertwined in my mind.

To My Poems


If I were a tree
I would be a weeping willow
Under my branches lovers would sit
Confessing their undying love
Carving their initials into my trunk
In the hopes that years from now
They could come and visit
Remembering their lost youth
Under my canopy a young woman
Would sit and cry
Lamenting her lost love and
Gazeing longingly at the initials
Carved with care
When the wind blows
I would rustle comfotingly
Telling her all I have seen and heard
Reassuring her that everything
Has its season and
Even I am stripped of all
I have once a year

To My Poems


My lover the wind
caresses my face
with a long fingered hand
and sweeps back my hair
as I face him
His cool breath
brings roses to my cheeks
and sends a chill
down my spine

To My Poems


I see sorrows in the mirror
I see troubles in the glass
I hear crying when I'm thinking
But now I'm free at last
Good lord do you hear me
Send an angel down
Do it while I'm happy
Don't wait til I frown

To My Poems


I would do anything to be in your arms again
I would reach into the night sky
take the moon
wrap it in a bow and
present it to you
if only you would love me
Tell me, is it hopeless to wish for the moon?

To My Poems


This poem is dedicated to my childhood bestfriend, Sara.

You are my friend, the chosen one
in times of boredom and in times of fun
We talk about life and love
anything we can think of
We know that we won't judge each other
or criticize like a mother
During laughter and tears
we share hopes and fears
I hope we'll always be
friends forever, you and me

To My Poems


Have you tried life in the fast lane?
Have you flown higher than an airplane?
Do you know how fast your world can turn?
Do you like to crash and burn?

Turn off the lights and shut the door.
Don't know if I can take it any more.
Tired of fights that no one can win.
Don't bother knocking you can't come in.

Not black and white, but shades of grey.
Can't remember when the color went away.
Want to break free from these confines.
But I need to stay within the lines.

To My Poems


I'm your new friend,
you can call me whatever you want,
Cocaine, Heroin, Meth, Pot,
I answer to a lot of names.
I'll always be there for you,
if you let me.
When I've helped to drive all
your real friends away,
I'll still be there.
When I've helped to distance
you from your family,
I'll still be there.
When your pockets are empty because
you've spent everything on me,
I'll still be there.
Even when you feel desperate
to get rid of me,
I'll still be there.
Me and you, we can do anything together,
we can lie, cheat and steal.
You and me, we can go places together,
maybe the streets, maybe hospital or jail.
With me, you can do things
you never thought you would,
things you will never forget,
even if you desperately try.
I'll be your friend until the end,
if you let me.
I'll be there, until death do us part.

To My Poems


Sometimes it's an animal attraction
I'm like a cat on the prowl
Stalking you, ready with a growl

Then I realize you are the master
Submissive, I follow your lead
Pet me, it's just what I need

Strong hands stroking, make me purr
Content, I curl up in your lap
After playing, cat's need a nap

To My Poems


I want you more than
I have ever wanted
Anything in my life.

My body craves you like
An addict needs a drug
I need you near me.

You are an oasis in the
Middle of the dry desert
A refuge when I'm weary.

You are a long rain
In the midst of drought
You restore my soul.

You are a cool drink
When I am parched
You quench my thirst.

You are a banquet when I'm
Faint from lack of food
You fulfill all my needs.

I am empty without you
A hollow void inside
You complete me.

To My Poems


I have found my Muse
The one blessed to inspire
The one who lights my fuse
The one who sparks my fire

How do you arouse this blaze?
An inferno that cannot be subdued
I am left in such a daze
Your brilliant power imbued

This burning passion consumes me
Hour after hour, day after day
Astonished by its intensity
I cannot keep it at bay

To My Poems