Kemetic Religion

Worship of The Netjeru of Ancient Egypt

Kemetic? Tameran?

Kemet, literally meaning the black land (after the colour of the fertile soil) was the word used by the Ancient Egyptian people for their home. Kemet was used in the same way Deshret, literally meaning the red land was used to refer to the hostile lands outside of the Nile Valley. (Egypt is actually from the Greek word, AEgyptus.) The people of Kemet also referred to their homeland as Ta-mery or Tamera, meaning the beloved land and I use that sometimes as well. Tameran usually refers to a form of Egyptian influenced Wicca. My religion is a modern day revival of traditional Kemetic practices, worshipping the Netjeru, the Gods of Ancient Egypt, mixed with some of the structures of modern Paganism and Wicca, such as the concept of the Wheel of the Year. I am a daughter of Sekhmet, and am also closest to my beloveds, Bast and Aset.

My own personal path has evolved over the years, I have been Christian, Pagan, Wiccan and a mixture thereof at various different points in my life. Anyone who has seen my various website incarnations over the years has seen testimony to my sometimes confusing discovery of my true path. The opinions found herein are my own and are most likely not representative of anyone else, what ever label they may choose.

And now, on with the show...


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