The Netjeru

The Beloved Gods of Ancient Egypt

Netjeru is plural meaning Gods (and inclusively Goddesses), while Netjer is the masculine singular and Netjert (or Netjeret) is the feminine singular. There are many modern theories as to the specific view the Ancient Egytptians took of the nature of the Netjeru. Some refer to polytheism, while others refer to henotheism, and still others to monolatry. Therefore amongst Kemetics and Tamerans you will find those who fall into one (or a combination) of those categories.

Specifically found amongst certain groups of Kemetics are the concepts of Names of Netjer and The One and The Many. The Names of Netjer is a particular monolatrous concept, stating that Netjer is the Ultimate Divine Source while all the individual Gods and Goddesses are called Names, individual personifications of aspects of Netjer. The One and The Many is a bit harder to categorize, it seems to blend monolatry, henotheism, and polytheism into a paradoxical concept that Netjer is both one singular Divine Source and many Gods and Goddesses, at the same time. Both views are equally valid. Honestly, they sound very similar and I can see good points to both concepts.

My own personal view is that I think the more you try to explain the nature of Netjeru, the more confusing it gets. While such concepts are helpful to a certain extent, being tied down to one definition can be more limiting. I try not to have dogmas. I think that the Netjeru are so beyond what our human understanding can explain right now that it is best if I don't try to explain how they are what they are but merely experience their presence.

Each individual Netjer and Netjert has their own personality, but all are from the same Divine Source, so they sometimes seem to share duties and responsibilities and therefore can share multiple aspects. If a flower were the Divine and its essence was it scent, then you could say that each of the Netjeru were a petal of the flower, sharing in the Divine essence just as each petal carries the scent of the flower. But there I go again trying to explain and limiting the Netjeru. It is much more complicated than any explanation can convey, yet at the same time it seems so simple when I am feeling the divine presence of one of the Netjeru. It is best if you just get to know some of them yourself...

-An alphabetical listing of Names-
[Netjer(God)] [Netjert(Goddess)]
There are thousands of Names, so these lists are by no means complete.

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